An artist who enjoys beauty in forms of arts, and an interior designer who is eager to design signature spaces in future..

As a child, I used to spend hours at my mother’s studio, admiring the movement of brushstrokes and the texture they leave behind. I used to notice the finniest details on textiles and fabrics, cutting pieces out trying to create a new design out of it that is functional and unique in style. Those simple things grew the artist within me, till I found myself passionately majoring in interior design. I always think that arts and design is one, when you are making art you are designing, and when you are designing you are bringing your design to life!

My inspiration did not stop here, it continued with me traveling around the world, and from the experiences and the cultures I have seen, the Victorian and Edwardian periods reflects my personality the most. John Singer Sargent, American portraiture, is one of my main influences where you see richness, elegance and purity in his paintings. I love how his artworks retrieve our curiosity, wanting to know more about his mysterious figures and the stories behind each. In future, I am willing to design spaces that are aesthetic with a mystery twist to it in terms of design to attract the visitors and letting them treat it not as a space, but as a tale wanting to go and come back to it. Because living in a space once is never enough!